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    At Armando's Tree Service, it's our duty to make sure your landscaping is as beautiful as can be. You deserve to have the most beautiful property in the Selden, NY area, and we can help you find it.
    Our arborist knows what it takes to make sure your trees grow in a way that's preferable for their health and the health of your lawn. Whether you need to trim or remove trees on your property, we can handle it all.
    For property and tree maintenance you can trust, give us a call today!
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Our Services

Tree trimming
Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is crucial for allowing the tree’s branches to grow in a shape more suitable to its structure. Regular trimming and care can produce long-lasting and healthy trees. A tree that grows larger than it's supposed to can cause a mess at best, and a safety hazard at worst. If you’re looking for tree cutting or pruning services, call Armando’s Tree Service today!

Stump removal
Stump Grinding

There are times that you may need to get rid of unwanted obstacles like stumps. Though they may not look it, stumps can be very heavy and difficult to dislodge. Fortunately, you can hire meticulous stump removal services from a professional tree company like Armando’s Tree Service. Our stump grinding service will turn even the most stubborn obstacle in your yard into a pile of wood chips.

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Tree Removal

There are several situations in which a tree removal service may become necessary. The most common is when the trees start to rot, or simply get old. This is hazardous, because trees in such condition are much more likely to fall down or to catch fire. In either case, you risk injury, liability, and property damage, so you should call an arborist from Armando’s Tree Service if you think such trees are on your property.

Hedge trimming
Hedge Trimming

When the branches of a hedge get too big, they can become very unsightly. Overgrown branches make your yard look disorderly and unmanageable. Unkempt growth can cause quite a mess. The best solution for maintaining a beautiful yard is to call Armando’s Tree Service. We will send someone over to take care of your hedge trimming. When it comes to handling all of your needs in hedge maintenance, there is no better business to call.

Land clearing
Land Cleanup

Armando’s Tree Service can help ensure your property in the Selden, NY area is kept consistently clean of debris and messes with our land cleanup options. When keeping a healthy lawn, it's important to make sure fallen branches, leaves, and more are cleaned up as soon as possible. Messy properties are not just unappealing. They can also be a hazard to the health and safety of your whole property. Don't forget to ask about our land clearing options to prepare your property for new construction.

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